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I guess I'm feeling a bit blue right now. I have to work tommorow morning, and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I very much so hate the morning shift at work. I work Friday to. I'm off Saturday, but I have an interview at 2, and then people coming over from before that time, and staying until about 11 or so. And a whole week of work until next saturday when hopefully Cyb will be coming down to get stuff for our apartment. If we get approved for the one we applied for that is. I have to work during that weekend too, so I'm not going to have as much time with him as I would like.

I wish I could have a day to myself to recharge. I'm really not much of a social person at all, although I can really make myself out to seem like one. Basically I have things to do booked up for the next few weeks, so there won't be much time for me.

The fact that I'm waiting to get a call from the apartment building we're trying to get into is getting on my nerves too. I need to know soon so I can cancel things, get others transferred, adressess changed, and start packing as well.

It really seems like all I've been doing this summer is waiting for things that just don't end up happening, and I'm beginning to feel impatient and frustrated at everything. I just want the next 6 weeks to just go by so at least I'll be at a point where I'll be settled again. I'll be in school true, but I was never as high strung and stressed as I am now.

I havn't been sleeping well again, which might be largely due to whats going on now. I'm hoping I can get a good nights sleep tonight for the 8 hours of running around a hospital I have to do tommorow.

At least hopefully soon it'll all be over, and I can start living a nice life with Cyb in our own place, with no loud lesbians, or lazy ass spoiled rich kids living with us. Our place will be our place, noone elses. Thats one of the few thoughts that keep me sane it seems.
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Awake.... again

So it's 3:30 in the morning, and I've been trying to sleep for the last 2 and half hours. I keep feeling tired, and then when I actually try to sleep, it's like BAM, I'm awake again. I can't seem to get comfortable either, and I can't even blame it on the heat tonight. It's been happening on and off for a while now. Luckily, T.V. at 3:30 doesn't seem to suck, as right now I'm watching Dawson's Creek. The magic school bus is on at 4, and I havn't seen that show in ages, so I could be worth a watch.

I have alot on my mind, which is probably a contributing factor to it all. What's worse is it's the same stuff turning and turning within the bowels of my mind, it'd be nice if there were a new flavour or two to spice things up a bit.

I still have more appartment calling to do tommorow, there's a few new places that have come to my attention, so hopefully they have something available at a decent price (alot to ask for, I know). It'd be nice to find something that I could actually go out and view. Once again, we'll just have to see how it all goes. I'm hoping that I can have a good idea of what's going to happen within a week.

This has to be my most stressful summer ever though. It's getting to become even more stressful than when school is in session. I just need to find enough in me to keep working at everything like I have been until it all gets resolved. In 2 months time, I should be settled in and starting my school routine again, and I can take alot of solice in that.

I think that's all for me right now though. I think I might take another stab at sleeping.
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Sorta Rant......

Alright, so here's a mini rant by me!

I've been applying at a bunch of places around my house, and a little not so around my house. Noone has called back. So, in a desperate attempt, today I applied at my local safeway for a cashier position. I've worked cash lots in the past, for over 3 years at Canadian Tire, doing cash, customer service, and cash balancing. And I've delt with money at alot of my other jobs as well, except for my current one (unless you count getting paid). My friend Jamie talked to her boss earlier in the day, so I was able to get right in for a test. It took about an hour, and it was all about math skills, rules and procedures, memorization, and a personality test. It was very easy, and I was able to get through it with no problems at all. Except one...

Apparently, according to their highly accurate system, I do not have the ability to be a cashier. I saw that, and almost broke down laughing at the computer. Partially because I couldn't believe what I saw on the screen, and partially partially I was a little pissed that I'm not "good" enough to work as a fucking safeway cashier. Anyways, the supervisor is apparently going to talk to the store manager, and get back to me tommorow.

I just find the whole thing rather rediculous.

And my Mom got a Wii. I'm very jealous. LOL something about my mom having a better video game system than I do just seems wrong. At least she'll be able to have fun with it.

Thats it for me for now...
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I have a cute black and white short hair cat, with dyed red hair on top, coming to my door in about 6 or so hours! I'll bet noone out there can guess who it is!

Come on... take a guess
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Holy S%(^ an Entry!

So yeah, whoa! Its been a few months at least, but I'm sitting here rather bored so I figured why not make an entry. Although its pretty slow going right now, I keep getting distracted by the T.V. so its taken about half an hour to get this far.

So yeah, life has definitely been better. Cyb is gone, which always sucks, but I'm getting used to it onw, and the summer is going decently fast. I just can't wait till he's back.

I had a job interview last week, and even though I thought it went quite well, I'm quite certain I didn't get the job. It would've been perfect too, but I probably shouldn't be pining over it too much, because it'll just make me feel worse. It just sucks to still have to go back to my job now knowing that I almost had something so much better. To add insult to injury though... or in this case injury to insult, I have two massive blisters on the back of my feet from the shoes I wore to the interview.

I also have to find a new place, and a new roommate as well. The house I'm living in now is being sold, which really sucks cause the rent was actually half decent. Hopefully I can find a place decently close to the university that isn't like $1500 a month. I was able to get a decent student loan though that'll give me a couple thousand to help me live while I'm in my last year, but I'm just hoping it'll be good enough. Roommates aren't exactly jumping at me left and right either, although I do have a prospect with a good friend of mine.

And while watching The Spaceys (A sci-fi awards show in Canada) I just saw the end of some guy explaining a T.V. show that sounded quite good. It's apparently about a detective solving crimes in the natural, and the occult. It definitey seemed up my alley, but I have no idea what it's caled. So I might have to do some research tonight. Although, I just saw another ad for Blood Ties that sounds pretty good, so I'm going to have to check that one out. Ahh how I love supernatural dramas.

There's alot of other stuff that sucks.. but I can't entirely remember what they are. So yeah. I'm going to check out Blood Ties now... and yeah. That's it for now.

Possibly see you in another few months.

LOL, and David Hayter acting as Solid Snake just held one of the presenters up for "Best Video Game" Ahh.. quite good.. quite good.
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*Makes pathetic sick sounding noise*

So, I'm sick. You've probably already read that in cybernet3000's journal. I want to blame him... but it's really my fault for doing the closeness thing, and the kissing thing. Ahh well. Refreshing change really after being healthy for the last like.. 2 or so years. Although, last time I was sick it was a doozy, ear infections in both ears, lost my voice for about 5 days (ironically after lipsyncing in drag... don't ask), and a massive chemical burn on my back (not from the sickness.. but rather from the hair removal due to previous drag experiance. You might want to go hairy, but I figure, if you're going as a chick, you should do it well). Hopefully this'll be over soon, because I might have to skip out on work tommorow (not so much due to the severity of the symptoms, but due to the fact that I work in a Hospital).

Other than that nothing much has happened. Finished my midterm, and test, and got the two I wrote the previous week back. 10/10 on one, and 1/2 on the other. They're both worth very minor parts of my mark, but I'm pleased. The midterm went okay, but the Prof wouldn't answer any questions (even on ambiguously worded test questions), and didn't provide a formula sheet. I passed definitely though, we'll just have to see how well. I felt a little overly smart though, she didn't want us to do the calculations because we couldn't use calculators, but I was able to calculate them in my head. Apparently psych students arn't expected to do simple math in their heads.

So I turned Cyb into stone. He's a very nice statue, in a bag of holding. I put Medusae in the adventure for saturday, but neglected to read up on Break Enchantment scrolls and the proper usage of such scrolls. At least noone can say I pick favorites though, one person died, and two turned into stone. Although, the other two people were totally at their own fault. One of them rushed into a bridge in a moutain where a Black Pudding proceed to fall on, and dissolve him, and the second decided it would be a good idea to roll an escape artist check (which she succeeded on) while surrounded by 20 Medusae, and wondered why she had to roll 10 Fortitude saves to resist being petrified by all their gazes. It was rather entertaining all and all then, apparently we were fighting the entire menu at the Olive Garden.

That's enough of a nerdy rant though, because I'm sure not too many of you are interested. I should probably attempt some sleep at some point, because I may be skipping out on work, but I'm not missing my class tommorow. Yes, I am a trooper.

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Already into the second week of classes, and already I have 2 quizes. I had the first one today, which wasn't too tough, I'm pretty sure I got at least 2/4 on it anyways, which suits me just fine for something thats only worth 2% of my class mark. I have one tommorow as well in my Behaviour class, but again that one shouldn't be too terrible seeing as my prof basically told us exactly what it'll be on.

I also have my first midterm next week, on descriptive and inferential statistics, but I've learned that in about 8 classes I've had before, so I don't see a reason to be too worried about that. If I don't know what a mean is now, I shouldn't be in school.

Hrmm... D&D was funtastic on saturday, I got to try my hand at leading an army! We were doing great until that Red Dragon came out of nowhere and charred our Rogue to a crisp. Luckily, I have a plan to save and revive her, Lucid Dream will not die on my watch! We're continueing this saturday, so hopefully we'll all survive, I'd be sad if Serge were to die (coolest Bard ever is all I have to say).

My couch also saw some action on saturday, when two of my friends stayed over, and decided to fool around later that night after Cyb and I had gone to bed. I'm happy for both, although it seems that nothings really going to happen between them.

I'm addicted to Oblivion now, specifically going around assassinating people. I find it rather amusing, which probably makes me sound like some morbid creeper, but really thats not the case at all, I just like a bit of senseless violence every now and then.

Hrmm... I'm not sure what else to write, so at this point, I shall bid you all adieu.

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So, its 3:30AM, and the giant raging windstorm/hot and cold flashes (must be that darn menopause again)/that new semester in a few hours feeling are keeping me from getting a decent nights sleep. Sucky it is, because I also didn't really get a great sleep the night before either, so I have a feeling after work tommorow, or more correctly later today, I'm going to be quite dead.

At least I only have one class tommorow, but I have some work I have to do in my office on campus sometime during the day before heading off to work. Shouldn't be too bad though. It'll just be nice when I get home at 7:30 and don't have to do squat. Luckily I should have no assignments tommorow. And I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for no essays to do, although there might be a research proposal for my Reserach Methods In Behavioral Sciences class. I'm definitely not looking forward to that one, but its one of those courses that noone wants to take, but everyone in psych is forced to.

Hehe, Cyb is snoring now, so at least one of us is getting a good nights sleep. I was worried for a moment that the typing and lights would bother him, apparently not. He has a class much earlier than me, so I'm glad he's able to get some sleep before it.

Hopefully this new semester will bring even better things than the last. But, thats something we'll have to wait and see now, isn't it?
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Enter From The East

Ahh, the cheque went through just fine. And as soon as I get paid, I'll have money again! Horray! It'll be fantastic.

And tommorow will be my favorite part of the new semester. Thats new textbook day! I barely use them during the semester, but yet I always seem to get elated when I get them. I get to purchase such favorites as: Advanced Perception, Advanced Learning, and Research Methods In Psychology! Sounds fantastic doesn't it? I was more excited when I got my clinical psychology book, mostly though because I was looking forward to that course most this year.

I do have advanced perception though with one of my more favorite profs, Dr. Loepelmann, downside though is there's someone in my class who I really really don't like, so I'm hoping that he wont try to sit with me and be all friendly. We'll have to see. But at least I have a good prof!

Work was okay today, I trained a new girl. She was actually pretty fun, and apparently works for Nintendo on the side doing Wii demos. I'm only slightly jealous. Just slightly. I did get free cake after work though, which was definitely nummy!

That's all for me right now.

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